luxurious, organic, feel good sunscreen

Beautiful Sol takes sunscreen where it has never been before. Our 3 in 1 technology hydrates, heals and protects without harming ourselves or the planet. At Beautiful Sol we believe In peacefully coexisting with the earth while empowering the people on it by promoting inner beauty while helping to maintain outer beauty.

Our Mission

At Beautiful Sol our goal was to create a luxurious, organic, feel good sunscreen that protects and heals the skin at the same time to keep you feeling beautiful inside and out.

About Beautiful Sol

Beautiful Sol was formed by an innovative group of Entrepreneurs based out of the Enchanted island of Puerto Rico where the sun is always shining. We wanted to take sunscreen to a place it had never been.
Sunscreen, SPF 45. Combination block and light moisturizer for daily use, non comedogenic, contains antioxidants, great for all skin types, PABA free, great for sensitive skin

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Company Address

53 Palmeras Street suite 601
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901

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